Our Leadership

Kevin M. Wideman

As CEO of Koniag Government Services, Kevin Wideman manages a portfolio of...

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Carl Buffington
Chief Growth Officer

As Chief Growth Officer for Koniag Government Services (KGS), Carl provides executive...

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Denise Bailey
Chief Administrative Officer

Denise Bailey serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for Koniag Government Services. ...

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Aisha McGill
Chief Business Operations Officer

Aisha McGill is Koniag Government Services’ Chief Business Operations Officer.  Ms. McGill...

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Jeannette Morris
Chief Financial Officer

Jeannette Morris serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Koniag Government Services,...

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Marc Madison
VP of Strategic Pricing

Marc Madison serves as the Vice President of Strategic Pricing for Koniag...

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Joshua Vo
Director of Compliance

Joshua Vo serves as the Director of Compliance for Koniag Government Services...

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Matthew Carle
Enterprise Solutions Operating Group President

Mr. Carle currently serves as the Enterprise Solutions Operating Group President for...

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Linda F. Czajka
Integrated Logistics Operating Group President

Ms. Czajka is the President of the Integrated Logistics (IL) Operating Group...

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Navid Nekoui
Professional Services Operating Group President

As Operating Group President for Professional Services, Navid Nekoui provides executive leadership...

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Kevin Razzaghi
Management Consulting Operating Group President

As an Operating Group President, Kevin Razzaghi leads the growth and manages...

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Jennifer Roadcap
Strategic IT Operating Group President

Ms. Roadcap serves as the Strategic IT Operating Group President for Koniag...

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Geoff Wheeler
Operations Management Operating Group President

As President of the KGS Operations Management Operating Group, Geoff Wheeler leads...

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