Operations Management

Consulting and Expertise that Fuels Stronger Business Outcomes

Our team of facilities and operations management experts delivers security-focused, operationally-minded capabilities.

Best-in-class facilities management and integrated logistics support smart solutions that align our problem-solving approach to the most complex mission and security needs.

Providing Critical Support Around the World

When supporting a mission so essential as “promoting U.S. security, prosperity, and democratic values,” our federal civilian customer must ensure its physical infrastructure can support fast-changing needs worldwide.

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Facilities Management

Facilities Management

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Program Management

Activity and Resource Planning

Tracking Project Progress

Risk Management & Reporting

Identify, Access, and Prioritize Risks

Risk Response Planning

Develop and Implement Risk Treatment Measures

Program Analysis & Reporting

Evaluate and Interpret Metrics

Produce Clear, Concise, Useful Reports

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Interpret and Implement Quality Assurance Standards and Procedures

Develop, Recommend, and Monitor Corrective Actions

Product Delivery

Digitized Schematics

Technical Manuals/Technical Orders

New Equipment Training Courses

Instructor & Key Personnel Training Courses

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