An unwavering commitment to supporting exceptional small businesses

The KGS Strategic Partner Program eliminates barriers for partner small businesses, enabling them to tap into new customers and opportunities. Unlike traditional transaction-focused partnerships, KGS Strategic Partners share common cultural values such as loyalty, business ethics, commitment to excellence, investment in employee growth and development, continuous improvement, and brand pride.

How KGS Selects Our Strategic Partners

KGS Strategic Partners receive:

  • Facility Clearance Sponsorship: Partners gain access to facility clearance sponsorship, streamlining government-related projects.
  • Access to Corporate Resources: Partners can leverage KGS’s extensive corporate resources for enhanced support.
  • Access to New Customers: The program facilitates entry into new markets and customer networks.
  • Access to Government-Wide Contracting Vehicles: Strategic Partners can utilize established contracting vehicles to streamline government engagements.

Benefits to KGS customers include:

  • Customers benefit from a broader network of small, industry-leading businesses.
  • Increased Diversity, Equity, and Representation: The program enhances diversity and representation in customers’ industrial bases.
  • Better Value: Flexible rate structures offer customers better value for their investments.
  • Direct Access to Decision-Makers: Customers can engage directly with corporate decision-makers, providing a level of accessibility often not found in larger organizations.

DecisionPoint, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Corp.

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Leisnoi Government Services, an Alaskan Native Village Corp in the Kodiak Region.

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For more information about the KGS Strategic Partner Program please contact KGS Communications.