Supporting Small Business
Inclusion and Diversity

KGS, as an established and respected Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), uses our resources and footprint to rapidly mobilize to assist other small businesses. That includes assisting small businesses in navigating the complex path of pursuing government contracts. With National Initiatives such as, Executive Order 13895 (Advancing Racial Equity & Inclusion), Memorandum M-22-3 (Equity in Federal Procurement), and M-23-01 (Supporting Small Disadvantaged Businesses), Governmental agencies have a mandate to remove federal marketplace barriers for small businesses. However, small businesses often lack opportunities, specific experience, and resources to competitively respond to federal opportunities.  KGS is committed to eliminating these barriers.

Fostering Opportunity for Small Business Partners

KGS’s Small Business Inclusion Program is working with several small businesses providing similar support to that of our Strategic Partners. 

In line with KGS’s commitment to support inclusion, we are establishing partnerships with Historically Black College University consortiums that work with agencies and congress to advocate entry into the federal marketplace. KGS will serve as a Business Advisor and Business Development arm to foster opportunities, resources, and expansion efforts for the consortiums.   

KGS is also working with industry professional organizations such as the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) to assist in establishing Acquisition Centers of Excellence (COE) within HBCU Business Schools. The COE’s will promote contract management-focused curriculum and certification training programs for HBCU students, fostering rotational internship opportunities between KGS and supporting government agencies. 

Small Business Inclusion partners receive:

  • Facility Clearance Sponsorship: Ensuring access to government contracts requiring security clearances.
  • Access to New Customers: Leveraging KGS’s network to help partners reach new customers within and outside government circles.
  • Government-Wide Contracting Vehicles: Assistance in navigating and gaining access to government-wide contracting vehicles.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Small businesses and members of the HBCU consortiums can learn from KGS’s almost 50 years supporting our government’s mission.
  • Building Opportunity Pipelines: Creating joint opportunities pipelines which pulls from KGS and the small business partners strengths.

Benefits to KGS customers include:

  • Broader Network: Access to a network of small, industry-leading businesses.
  • Increased Diversity, Equity, and Representation: Promoting diversity within the contracting landscape.
  • Better Value: Flexible rate structures offering customers better value for their investments.
  • Direct Access to Industry Stakeholders: Enhanced accessibility to corporate decision-makers.

To learn more about KGS’s Small Business Inclusion Program please contact Danielle Carr, KGS Vice President of Government Relations, at