As the next generation of the Best-in-Class GSA GWAC program, 8(a) STARS III is a multiple-award indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (MA-ID/IQ) contract designed to provide Federal agencies with flexible access to customized IT solutions from a large, diverse pool of 8(a) partners.

Koniag Government Services Available Contracts

Arlluk Technology Solutions, LLC (ATS) Contract: 47QTCB22D0302
Eagle Harbor Solutions, LLC (EHS) Contract: 47QTCB22D0292
PacArctic, LLC (PAC) Contract: 47QTCB22D0300
Tuknik Government Services, LLC (TGS) Contract: 47QTCB22D0301


GSA PSS 00CORP / MAS 541611

The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, providing direct access to simple or complex fixed-price or labor-hour professional services.

  • Advertising and marketing solutions
  • Business consulting solutions
  • Environmental solutions
  • Financial and business solutions
  • Language services
  • Logistics solutions
  • Professional engineering solutions

GSA 03FAC / MAS 561210/561612

Facilities Maintenance and Management, Schedule number 03FAC, is a Multiple Award Schedule that provides federal agencies a streamlined procurement device to acquire all of the services necessary to maintain and manage a facility. The following offerings and services that can be found under this schedule

Koniag Government Services Available Contracts

PAC Contract: 47QSHA19D002V

  • Dockside facilities maintenance, repair services, and dry docking
  • Energy management, water conservation, and support services
  • Facilities maintenance and management solutions for real property
  • Industrial aerospace and marine coating solutions

GSA MAS54151S/ 54151HACS

Highly adaptive cybersecurity services (HACS) are designed specifically to provide government agencies with quicker and more reliable access to key, pre-vetted cybersecurity support services that will expand agencies’ capacity to test their high-priority IT systems, rapidly address potential vulnerabilities, and stop adversaries before they impact the networks.

Koniag Government Services Available Contracts

KDS Contract: 47QTCA23D005D

  • Test high-priority IT systems.
  • Quickly order and implement services from technically-evaluated vendors.
  • Stop adversaries before they impact networks.
  • Rapidly address potential vulnerabilities.

HACS includes proactive and reactive cybersecurity services and supports government-wide priorities like Application Security Testing and Zero Trust Architecture.

GSA Schedule 70 / MAS 54151S

IT Schedule 70 delivers federal, state, and local customer agencies the tools and expertise needed to shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance, and obtain the best value for innovative technology products, services, and solutions.

With more than 7.5 million products and services from over 4,600 pre-vetted vendors, federal agencies, as well as civilian, state, and local organizations, continue to maximize budgets, and reduce buying cycles by up to 50 percent over open market.



The Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC) is a cost-effective, innovative solution for procuring information technology (IT) professional services from a pool of CMS experienced partners.

The purpose of this contract is to provide strategic, technical, and program management guidance and support services, to facilitate the modernization of CMS business processes and supporting systems.

SPARC is a multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), performance-based contract. It is available to all components within Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and all Health and Human Services (HHS) Operating Divisions to procure IT System development services, from end to end.

Koniag Government Services Available Contracts

KSI Contract: HHSM-500-2016-00026I

  • $25 Billion Ceiling
  • Ability to sole source to 8(a) partners for task orders under $4 million
  • Access to high-quality industry partners
  • Partners offer agile, waterfall, and hybrid methodology
  • Shortened procurement lead time
  • Small business set-aside
  • Socioeconomic credit potential
  • Data Request Services
  • Design Services
  • Development Services
  • Help Desk Support Services
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services
  • Initiation, Concept, and Planning Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Requirements Services
  • Security Control Assessment (SCA) Services
  • Support Services
  • Testing Services

Solutions for Administrative and Program Services (SOAPS)

Small Business BPA providing program and administrative support across multiple functional areas within the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any other entity within the Department of Justice.

Koniag Government Services Available Contracts

KTS Contract: DJF-14-1200-S-006523

  • Administrative Assistance
  • Budget Analysis
  • Business Process Development and Improvements
  • Configuration Management
  • Database Management
  • Document Preparation
  • Earned Value Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Management and Program Analysis Support
  • Market Assessment
  • Operations Research
  • Program/Project File Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Scheduling/Planning
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Technical Writing
  • Template Development
  • Transition Services

Maryland Consulting and Technical Services (CATS+)

This “Master Contract” enables the State government in procuring IT consulting and technical services in a timely and economical manner. Through CATS+, the State of Maryland will have a flexible means of obtaining information technology (IT) resources quickly, efficiently and cost effectively by issuing task orders specific to its needs.

Koniag Government Services Available Contracts

KSI Contract: 060B24900023

  • Functional Area 1 – Enterprise Service Provider (ESP)
  • Functional Area 2 – Web and Internet Systems
  • Functional Area 3 – Electronic Document Management
  • Functional Area 5 – Software Engineering
  • Functional Area 6 – Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • Functional Area 7 – Information System Security
  • Functional Area 8 – Application Service Provider
  • Functional Area 10 – IT Management Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 11 – Business Process Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 17 – Documentation/Technical Writing