Professional Computing Resources, Inc. is a Koniag Government Services Company

PCR provides an Enterprise-level CIO management tool that tracks, manages, and bills – assets, people, operations and workflow.

PCR-360 provides a comprehensive set of integrated functions – Service/Help Desk, Asset Tracking, Cable, Product Catalogs, Billing, Knowledgebase and Dashboards – which combine to provide unparalleled insight and visibility into customers, expenses, and operational performance.

PCR-360 functionality has changed the way companies plan, manage, deliver, understand and support enterprise technology services and resources. As a result, users realize rapid ROI, improved technology expense management capabilities, dramatic provisioning process improvements, risk management and a quantifiable bottom-line impact to their organizations.

Primary Capabilities

  • PCR-360 – Service Desk, Asset Management, Cable, CustomerCenter Portal
  • COMIT – COMIT Database, Provisioning, Inventory, Service Agreements, Billing, Auditing
  • GSA Schedule 70 / MAS 54151S (SB) GS-35F-0630V


Michael Jensen

General Manager


2944 Fuller Ave NE, Suite 300 Grand Rapids, MI 49505